Our services aim at improving the standards of life for children with Developmental Disorders and their families, by means of an effective comprehensive evidence-based teaching, performed by our therapeutic staff interventions as well as by trained family members and teachers. This is performed by securing the links between the student’s progress and the arrangement of the learning environment in the most positive, dynamic and organized way in order to allow the student to develop all the abilities he/she needs inside the family as well as into society.


Our Premises:

  • Teaching is based on the Functional Analysis of VB (Verbal Behavior) of each individual rather than on diagnosis.
  • Student’s potential to develop abilities above their current levels, regardless of their intelligent quotient (IQ) or their current diagnosed situations.
  • An interest in eliminating and reducing harmful, painful and limited behaviors and actions which may hinder their developmental opportunities and full integration into the community.
  • Data-based decisions gathered up from reliable information of our guides through the teaching process: the students.
  • Functional communication as the means which enables us to enhance their well-being, daily abilities for adaptation, interpersonal relationships, and professional development.

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